People of Target Unite

February 2, 2018




Some places on earth are scary, just by their very nature:

  • Costco on Saturday

  • water parks in the summer

  • the Conoco bathroom

  • anywhere with a snake

I consider Target one of those places.   


There has to some sick logic behind why I go in for batteries and come out with two new blouses, valentine’s day socks, three new nail polishes and the latest People magazine.


And then?


Seated behind the wheel?   I realize I forgot the  B A T T E R I E S.  The only item I actually needed.  And I am NOT going back in there --  !hell no!  I will end up with a new purse and a 12 pack of colored Bic Pilots. 






You can imagine my terror when I attempt a Sunday afternoon trip to Target with the girls AND MY MOTHER in tow.


I had wine at lunch... before we went... it was justified... Don't judge me, join me.


Mom decided to try her skills at the electric shopping cart.  Oh HOW I prayed it was out of gas.  But alas, it was not.


There are some things in life that just seem to be a very bad idea, such as:

  • karaoke?  sober.

  • Goat yoga in an airport

  • toupees  E.E.E.E.E.V.E.R.


  • an electric shopping cart..driven by someone with older eyes, winding through the narrow aisles of Target trying to avoid the folks in red.


But my girls love to watch Grandma go.  Just so much joy.  And really they are quite creative,

read as devious {showing a skillful use of underhanded tactics to achieve goals}, In leveraging her transportation device.


As you see here,  people of Walmart – you have nothing on us.




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