An Anniversary I Wish We Didn't Have

February 12, 2018



Today marks one year.  One year since the finest man I have ever known passed.  Not without his warts and shortcomings... just like all of us.  But good and fair and smart as hell. 


And this is me.  About 2 years old offering him my ball... "Ball Daddy? Ball!"


I took for granted all the times he said "You know how much your father loves you right?"  And I did.  I did know.


But oh would I love to hear him say anything... anything... ANYTHING right now.  Even his quirky observations. 


"Kelly I need your help with something.  Why is it, why is that men wear appropriately fitting pants but you women wear them nearly painted on to your behind."


"well Dad?  I think that is to get your attention and it would appear that it worked."


My brother-in-law wrote this beautiful tribute.  I would like to share it here.

It is long, as is his legacy.   Don't feel the need to read it all -- but I do.  Dad is captured just so perfectly in this.  


And I cry, often, when I read it.  But they are tears of love and memories and a bit of sadness.



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