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January 30, 2018




I never know if my kids listen to me.  Most of the time, it appears they do not.  So for example, if I say  1) Pick up your room,  2) Hang up your towel, 3) Vacuum your room, 4) Take that plate down to the kitchen



Clearly enunciated

Okay I will be honest.


I am Y  E  L  L  I  N  G





That is what I get -- BUPKIS!


That little speech translated to them as sit on your butts and watch Jessie.


I have studied this phenomenon.  My research is inconclusive you see as other instructions?

Equally long and arguably more complicated,  do resonate.  



Exhibit A:

  • Get out the bowls

  • Take out the chocolate marble ice cream

  • Find the sprinkles

  • Open the chocolate syrup

  • Dollop of whipped cream


FLAWLESS execution!


So when it comes to food and being healthy, I think it is important to read labels.

  1. expiration dates

  2. the contents

  3. additives you can't pronounce. 

Like on that commercial with the cute kids.



Apparently the Royal Crest guy did a drive by and left us a sample of milk.


Thing 2 opens the fridge. 


“Mom... Some stranger came to the door and the nanny bought his milk.  It is right there.”


Yes I see it.


"OMG MOM.  It says 1927.  That is really old.  I don't think we should drink it."


And then I share the difference between Since 1927 and Expired in 1927.


But praise her for listening 

as I direct her to the gum wrapper

looming at her feet.


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