Happy 2018!

January 23, 2018

Every year we do a Holiday/New Years letter.  This is it.  My daughter writes it... well not really.  Tis I but I say it is her...  because kids can get away with more.    So here you go (with a little picture of Grandpa from 2015  -- we so miss you.)



Happy 2018 everyone.


Me and my sister are doing great in school.  We are both very smart and humble. 


Mom won a trip to the Super Bowl this year.   She sold the most of something and got to go… just like that.  Mom saw/stalked famous people like Anthony Anderson and Josh Brolin.    Her team had a police escort and passes to everything.   Mom loved all of it except the part where a Titos & Tonic was $30.00.           


This year has been one of much change for our family.  In February Grandpa went to heaven.  Mom said it was the worst day of her life.   When we went to his funeral and walked in his house, we all cried.   We knew he would never be back and that was a very real moment.  


Mom says Grandpa is in a better place and likely telling God how to run his entire operation better.  Grandpa wasn’t doing well.  He was on oxygen all the time.  He didn’t see anything at all wrong with puffing on his cigar with his oxygen tank right next to him.   Grandpa’s neighbors, however, had a different opinion.


Right before Grandpa died my little sister said “Grandpa can we have your dog when you die?” 

And that is the story of that.

We have a dog now. 

Her name is Sweetie, 

only she is not always that.


We flew all the way home from Hilton Head with Sweetie barking non-stop.  We were so worried about her that we told everyone on the plane she was our dog.   Mom suggested we zip it because 26 A, B, and C cut us dirty looks all the way from Charlotte to Denver.


We went to Hawaii for vacation and took Grandma.  We didn’t listen to Mom when she said we needed a swim belt to snorkel.  After we jumped in and could only see millions of miles of water and fish, we told Mom we would take the belt after all.    


We saw a fake Elvis concert.  We asked Mom why we had to see Elvis,

instead of a younger and HOTTER singer, but...


He was very good

Very limber

VERY sweaty

We believe twas he, the real Elvis, 

back from the D E A D.


Grandma had a stroke while we were in Hawaii.  At first she thought she was drunk because she had a half a beer.  By the next morning Grandma needed lots of help so we called an ambulance. 


We had to stay until Grandma got a rescue nurse to fly back with her.   She felt badly but we said we didn’t mind being in Hawaii for 5 more days to swim and eat expensive food.


So now Grandma has moved to Denver.  She has a beautiful apartment where they do art lessons and have free cookies ALL the time.  


They even have a pool. 

We can go if we don’t yell, run, or hit each other. 

Based on those parameters, Mom says we will never see it. 


Grandma has done really well and has a great prognosis.  My sister told Grandma she is strong and can do anything, except wear a tube top. 


“Because Grandma that would just be wrong.”


Mom is still in Technology sales. She says she helps her customers solve business problems  To me it seems like she just takes people to lunch every day.  


And Mom loves herself some yoga.  Personally?

I have concerns about someone her age bending like that in a public setting. 



she is happy and she yells a lot less when she does yoga.


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