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January 30, 2018

So... This was fun! Realizing how little my kids really listen to me. Can you relate?

January 24, 2018

Single Mom of 2 adopted daughters explains you never take calls in the shower.

January 23, 2018

Every year we do a Holiday/New Years letter.  This is it.  My daughter writes it... well not really.  Tis I but I say it is her...  because kids can get away with more.    So here you go (with a little picture of Grandpa from 2015  -- we so miss you.)

Happy 2018 everyone.

Me and my sister are doing great in school.  We are both very smart and humble. 

Mom won a trip to the Super Bowl this year.   She sold the most of something and got to go… just like that.  Mom...

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