About Moi!

I'm Kelly Ozley and my life could best be characterized as a chronic search for balance in a world which does not breed it. 

I am a laser focused (really nothing random about me) borderline lunatic, mother of two (read as weathered Sherpa).  My GYN told me at 40 that I had no more eggs in my basket… and with that level of delicacy.  Devastated and pissed, I pursued an avenue I never thought I would and adopted my two favorite people, Thing 1 and Thing 2. 

I have a bevy of beasts, whom I love more than most people (directly in line with the fact that I am a closet introvert.) 

I am a fanatical Yogi and have been practicing mindfulness for several years. Difficult, as I am wound just a trifle tight (think Lilith…)

I am recovering Southern Belle.  I channel my Alabama mother a lot - you will hear frequent Judy-isms.

I confess that I like the occasional bad word ... for punctuation and stress relief.  I question those with a virtuous mouth.

If I were trapped on a desert island, I would have to bring of course the kids and critters but perhaps more importantly...my yoga mat, popcorn, mascara, and a babysitter.

If you feel like you are doing your best to just survive most days – you are essentially my twin. 

So come on in and sit a spell… you will feel much better about whatever is ailin' you.

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